Meet a Westland Scholar – Tatu Ponga

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Tatu Ponga

Tatu Ponga is a Technical Vocational High School alumna who is looking forward to becoming a nurse. She is happy to have received a scholarship for her first year of study at the University of Winnipeg.  

“The scholarship has helped lessen the burden of paying for my university fees. Thank you very much for not only helping me with the fees but also helping my parents not to stress about those fees,” she says.

Tatu knows it will take a while to achieve her dream profession. But she is inspired every day by the thought that her chosen career will allow her to have financial freedom.

While Tatu’s primary goal is to care for the sick, she also wants to give a hand up to the homeless. It’s her dream to build them a five-story shelter in the future. 

“No dream is impossible if you work hard enough for it,” she says.

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