Meet a Westland Scholar – Isra Alshareh

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Isra Alshareh

Isra Alshareh is a graduate of Gordon Bell High School. She now studies at the University of Winnipeg to become a teacher.

Isra credits her liking for teaching to her high school teacher, Mr. Kelly Reimer, whose example instilled in her the importance of giving students the support they needed to thrive in school.

Isra’s positive experience in school spurred on the vision to create a safe learning environment for war-affected children. She believes that having an education and a chance at a better future are fundamental human rights children should enjoy no matter the circumstances.

She admits that realizing this dream requires dedicated time, effort, and finances. That is why she is pleased and grateful to the Westland Foundation for her scholarship this school year.

“Your support allows me to focus more on the critical aspect of school – learning. I also now have more time for other learning opportunities, like volunteering,” she says.

She thinks school prepares her for future work while she gets to learn hands-on skills by serving in the community.

Isra adds that the donors’ generosity inspires her to give back in her own little ways. She knows she will be able to do more in the future as a teacher. She vows to do her best to help students with their quest for learning and their dreams.

Thank you to our donors for helping Isra learn and fulfill her vision.

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