Meet a Westland Scholar – Sasha Zoë Houle

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Sasha Zoë Houle

Sasha Zoë Houle is a graduate of Technical Vocational High School. She is now a student in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

Sasha aspires to get into medical school and become a psychiatrist. She pursues this career path because of seeing many individuals living with mental health issues. She thinks mental illnesses directly pose barriers to education. So, she aims to create safe spaces and resources for mental health, believing that everyone should be provided with the support they need to succeed in life and their career. She wants to educate and inspire youth and help lessen the stigma surrounding mental health. She believes many people living with mental illnesses across the country will benefit from her work. To this end, she is motivated to strive for the best in her studies. 

Sasha shares most inner-Winnipeg students know it is not easy to afford the steep costs of attaining higher education. Fortunately, she is a recipient of numerous scholarships. She thanks those who see her potential, like the Westland Foundation.

She says to its donors, “Thank you for believing in your scholars. Because of your support, we can study at the university without being overwhelmed by financial barriers. The scholarship is a pivotal part of our academic success.”

Sasha commends the Foundation for working tirelessly to ensure that no inner-Winnipeg student should give up the chance to be a scholar. She thinks the scholarship is also a chance to help other students in the future. It inspires her to study harder, to be able to work soon and pay it forward.

Thank you to our donors for helping inner-Winnipeg students attain a university education.

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