Westland Donors are the lifeline of the Westland Foundation.

Donors make a tremendous difference to inner-Winnipeg youth striving to create a better future through post-secondary education. Because of their generosity, the Westland Foundation Education Fund has reached over two million dollars and continues to grow.

We offer a heartfelt thank you to the many incredible donors who give generously in support of post-secondary education for inner-Winnipeg youth.

James Cohen, Gendis Inc.

James Cohen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gendis Inc, believes that education plays a huge role in making the world a better place.

James is the 2018 Westland Foundation Education Fund Breakfast Sponsor. His longtime connection to Westland began when friend and past Westland Foundation President, Phil Burns invited him to the Westland golf tournament in 1994. He currently serves as an honorary board member and is a loyal supporter of the fundraising breakfast.

James’ community service extends far into the community. He is the Board Chair of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and sits on the board of the Manitoba Museum.

In addition to committing time and talent to his community, James and his wife Linda McGarvin-Cohen have also been generous financially. In 2012 the couple donated money

to Winnipeg Harvest to fund the purchase of a refrigerated truck to assist in picking up surplus leftover food for redistribution to the city’s hungry. In 2013 they made a significant donation to the Assiniboine Park Zoo for its greatly-expanded Amur tiger exhibit.

Thanks to James’ belief in corporate responsibility, Gendis Inc. also has a long history of corporate giving and is a proud supporter of many local and national organizations and charities. It supports many community projects involved in arts and culture, healthcare, education, and poverty reduction projects. In 2015, Gendis Inc. received the Downtown Winnipeg Biz Place-Making Award for its downtown beautification efforts.

"What the company supports and believes in brings a sense of pride to the business and its employees. It makes employees feel proud and feel good about helping others," says James.

James is proud to be a part of the Westland Foundation because of its focus on inner-Winnipeg education. He is especially inspired by the stories of inner-Winnipeg students who have been helped by the Foundation.

“The stories that come from our Westland Scholars reminds those of us who live in the suburbs of the challenges facing the broader community. It reconnects us with issues that truly affect us all,” says James.

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The below list includes donors and event sponsors from 2009 to 2021. The Foundation is working on an accurate and complete donor list. Please advise us of any additions or corrections.



9Round Fitness - Graham

Across the Board Game Café

Aikins Law

AKA Management Inc.

All Canadian Renovations

All Charities Campaign

Assiniboine Credit Union

Auchinleck Real Estate Inc.

BA Robinson Co.

Banfield Commercial Properties Group

BDO Canada LLP

Bee-Clean Building Maintenance Inc.

Bhandal Law Office

Birchwood Automotive Group

Boom Done Next

Brio Insurance

Budget Garages

Burns Financial Group Inc.

Business Council of Manitoba

Cambrian Credit Union

Canada RX Connection

Carbone Restaurant Group

Caribbean Canada Heart Health Education

Carpathia Credit Union Limited

Carroll Law Office

Change Makers

Christianson Wealth Advisors

Clunie Law Corporation

Conservative Party of Canada

Cream Asset Management Inc.

Creswin Properties

D' Arcy & Deacon LLP

David L. Moore Law Corporation

David Miles Law Corporation

Derwin Petri Law Corporation

DMCI Alumni Board

Downtown Winnipeg Biz

Dr. Alfred E. Deacon Medical Research Foundation Inc.

Dr. RJ Lecker James Shaen Ltd.

East India Company

Entegra Credit Union

Fairview Custom Homes

Fast Law Corporation

Fernoc Group Ltd.

Fidelity Investments

Franklin Templeton Investments

Gendis Inc.

Ginakes Law

Graham Construction & Engineering

Gray & Company

Hold Zone Inc.

Holloway Thliveris LLP

Horrocks Insurance

Industrial Alliance Securities


Institute of Corporate Directors

JAR Drywall Ltd.

JK May Investments

Kaplan Law Office

KGS Group

Kingsford Development

KJL & Associates

Kowintco Inc.


Legal  Aid  Manitoba

Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

Machel DeLeeuw Advisory Group

Manitoba Chinese Women's Association

Manitoba Community Services Council

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Liberal Caucus

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Manitoba School Boards Association

McGowan Russell Group Inc.

Mematt Investments Ltd.

MGM Construction Ltd

National Bank Financial Wealth Management

National Leasing

Northern Hotel

Os76 Developments Inc.

Parkash Investments Ltd.

Paul R. Hesse Law Corporation

Peerless Garments


Pizza Pizza

Philippe Richer Law Corporation

Platinum Jets Inc.

PPI Solutions

Probe Research

Professional Transport Driver Training School

Province of Manitoba

Prystanski Law Corporation

Pullan Kammerloch Frohlinger

Qualico Communities

Rackash Investments

Ranger Insurance

Ran-Roy Holdings Inc

Raymond SC Wan Architects

RBC Convention Centre

RBC Financial Markets

RBC Royal Bank

RealCare Inc.

Red River College’s Culinary Arts

Red River College

Red River Cooperative Ltd.

Richardson Financial Group Limited

Richardson Foundation Inc.

Richardson GMP

Saper Agencies Ltd.

SEI Investments

Shevchenko Foundation

Silicz Foundation Inc.

Southeast Resource Development Council Corp.

Stafford Dental Group


Stephen N Rosenfield CPA Corp.

Stuart Olson Construction Ltd.

Surplus Direct

TC Energy

Terracon Development

The City of Winnipeg Charitable Fund

The Consumer Protection Office

The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

The Loft Salon, Spa, & Bar

The Megill-Stephenson Company Ltd.

The Real Escape Canada

The Toronto Dominion Bank

The University of Manitoba

The University of Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation

Tiber River Naturals

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

Tim Hortons - Morris, MB

Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba

Valley Powder Coating (2005) Ltd.

Vendome Hotel

Vernaus Autobody

Wellington West Foundation Inc.

Westoba Credit Union Ltd.

Widows Sons Motorcycle Association

Windsor Hotel

Winning Women of Winnipeg

Wonder Shows Ltd.


Abosh, Allan

Adams, Dr. Chris

Aitkenhead, Michelle

Akman, Daniel

Allard, Councillor Matt

Allen, Kathy

Alvaro, Ruben

August, Jim & Sharon

Averbach, Michael

Barber, Stephen

Barnard, Dr. David T.

Barrett, Douglas

Beauchamp, Vince

Bell, Tyler J.

Bellringer, Carol & Greg

Bettens, Jamie

Birdsall, Charlene

Bisnett, Bonnie

Blankstein, Daniel

Bonten, Laurie

Borys, Stephen D.

Brennan, Steven

Brotchie, Doneta

Browaty, Councillor Jeff

Burns, Charles

Burns, Dr. CM

Burns, Kanning

Burns, Phil

Burns, Rogers

Cabungcal, Charlie

Campbell, Loraine

Carstairs, Sharon

Chambers, Councillor Markus

Champagne, Ken

Chan, Fong

Chan, Karl

Christianson, Terry

Christie, James & Janice

Clunie, Patricia

Coates, Catherine

Cohen, James

Collins, Katherine

Corbel, Catherine

Corrin, Brian

Cox, MLA Cathy

Crabbe, Ray

Cram, Donna

Curry, Nic

Dagdick, George & Doreen

Danes, Richard

Dark, James

De Leeuw, Marcel

Desrochers, Larry

Diamond, Robert

Dobson, Kerrie

Doering, Patricia

Donkervoort, Marty

Dornan, Douglas

Driver, Ari

Dubnicoff, Aaron

Duguid, MP Terry

Eadie, Councillor Ross

Eckert, Stuart

Ejeckam, Reg

Fages, Melvin

Feasy, Ken

Feierstein, Dr. Michele

Fernandez, Princess

Feuer, Janice

Fielding, MLA Scott

Filmon, Gary

Filmon, David

Finkleman, Dr. Allan

Fischer, Laurie

Fisher, Andrew

Fleishman, Ellen

Francis, Marc

Garcia, Alyssa

Gerrard, MLA Dr. Jon

Gillingham, Councillor Scott

Gilroy, Councillor Cindy

Gilroy, Ernie & Wendy

Girourd, Monica & Denis

Glass, David

Gorenstein, Laurence

Goszer, Elliott

Greenberg, Al

Greschuk, Shelley

Grinshteyn, Elena

Hammond, Gregory & HJ

Hanson, Gregg & Mary

Harasymuk, Allen & Beverley

Hardy, Judy

Harper, Robert

Hartle, Darryl

Hatherly, Jason

Hayes, Ken

Helper, Dr. Michael

Hooke, Kevin & Laurie

Horosko, Andrew & Linda

Houston, Ian and Karen

Hughes, Robert & Marnie

Huynh, Vinh & Rebecca

Hyde, Robert

Hyde Laurel

Hyman, Gary

Ireland, David

Jacks, Allan

Jackson, R. Douglas

Johnston, Frederick

Johnston, Kelly

Juce, Michael

Kampen, Nadine

Karlaftis, Brooke

Kelly, Jonas

Kerr, Michael

Kilfoyle, Jon & Jennifer

Killeen, Timothy

Kirbyson, Brad

Kirton, Brad

Kmet, Nadia

Komistek, Ben & Gloria

Kozlowski, Hanna

Kraayaveld, Serena

Kulathungam, Trisha

Kuz, Tony & Lillian

Lambkin, Kelly

Lazareck, Jack

Lecomte, MLA Janice-Morley

Lee, Kenneth

LeMaister, Janice

Lemke, Terri

Lewandowski, Joan & Kuzia, Henry

Liba, Jeff

Mackie, Cam & Oulton, Doris Mae

Magnus, Dean & Sandra

Mailhot, Paul

Marcelino, Flor

Markham, Gary

Martin, Lee Ann

Mayer, Colleen

Mayes, Councillor Brian

Mazur, Robert

McCabe, Dr. Glen

Mercer, Doug

Merkens, Paul & Friends of Justin Silicz

Michaw, Sandra Greenberg

Millican, Dan

Mirwaldt, Colleen

Moar, Margaret

Moffat, Craig

Monchamp, Bryan

Morantz, Martin

Mortimer, David & Colleen

Moskal, Jodi

Mulvale, James

Murrell, Charlotte

Muyunda, Florence

Neufeld, D.

Neufeld, Werner & Elma

Newransky, Steve

Ore, Alice

Orlikow, Councillor John

O'Shaugnessy M.

Osiowy, Carla

Pagtakhan, Mike

Parkes, Debra

Pascua, Noel & Maria Theresa

Patenaude, Joanne

Peikoff, Dr. Marshall

Percy, Bill & Angelica

Perrin, Robert & Barbara

Phillips, Keith & Donna

Pollack, Hart

Prefontain, Guy

Price, Julie

Provinciano, Nellie

Prystanski, John

Rehbein, Lynne & Bob

Reid, Mark Gordon

Reimer, Rick & Laura

Rempel, Donald

Reynolds, Janina

Rice, Richard

Roller, Carena

Ross, Monica

Rossie, Vittorio

Roussin, Diane

Rybuck, Howard

Salm, Rod

Samborski, Therese

Santos, Councillor Vivian

Santos, Aldrin

Saper, Zivan

Saranchuk, Paul

Sarbit, Samuel

Sarreal, Marites

Saunders, Elizabeth

Sawchuk, Darren

Kraayaveld, Serena

Kulathungam, Trisha

Schneider, Donna

Schulz, Dr. Jennifer

Sealy, Glen

Seniuk, Eric

Shaff, Phil

Sharma, Councillor Devi

Shaw, Capt. Philip

Silicz, Estate of Justin

Silicz, Michael

Silicz, Walter

Silverman, Bruce

Smart, Jeff

Smith, Johnston

Smoluk, Adam

Spring, Charlie & Dayna

Stardom, Eleanor

Stedronsky, A.

Steeves, Gord

Steiman, Rodney

Streuber, Donald & Jennifer

Streutker, Ian

Sveinson, Kate M.

Swandel, J.

Taraschuk, Rick

Taronno, Ruth

Teitsma, MLA James

Tetley, Diane

Tetrault, Robert & Michelle

Teunis, Tony

Thompson, Natalie

Thompson, Susan LLD; OM

Tiburcio, Celedonia

Todaschuk, Sylvia

Todaschuk, Rosemarie

Toews, Janet

Trask, Brandon

Trask, Wendy

Trimbee, Dr. Anette

Tyler, Robert

Vandal, MP Dan

Wagner, Lorraine

Waldman, Gary

Walker, Janet

Walsh, Sherri

Warkentine, Bonnie

Watt, Destiny

West, Patricia

Wheeler, Althea

White, Grant

Wilson, Geordie

Wyant, Raymond

Yakimoski, MLA Blair

Yan, Gary

Yeo, Greg

Yun, Jeremy

Zyla, Pamela