Meet a Westland Scholar – Nicholas Genaille

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Nicholas Genaille

Nicholas Genaille is a Technical Vocational High School graduate. He is studying electrical engineering technology at RRC Polytech and hopes to work in this field in the future.

At an early age, Nicholas’ parents taught him never to quit school and work hard to make his future career as good as possible. But school is always hard for him, and staying focused and dedicated while in a pandemic is undoubtedly the hardest.

“The scholarship does help me in many ways. I feel accomplished that I’m doing something right by going to college and staying focused on my goals. It also allows me to go forth without having to worry about the money involved,” he says.

Nicholas thanks the Westland Foundation donors for donating to scholarships and helping kids pursue higher education. Their support assures students they are on the right path.

That is why he would love to donate, too, in the future. In the meantime, he will help with letting students know the value of not giving up on their studies, and help is available through scholarships like the Westland Foundation.

Thank you to our donors for helping to set students on the right path with your support.

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