Meet a Westland Scholar – Mary Ordanes

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Mary Ordanes

Mary Ordanes is a Sisler High School graduate. Currently, she is a student in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She plans to get into medical school and work on her goal to become a doctor.

Mary shares her loved ones have experienced different medical issues over the years. This has made her want to be there for them when they develop further concerns. Since then, she has grown a fascination with how the human body systems work.

The pandemic has stressed​ to Mary ​the health workers’ key role in overcoming many of the challenges it has brought to the community. She thinks it will be fulfilling to become a doctor, which will allow her to help the community while earning a living out of it. Above all, her greatest motivation has been to help make people’s lives better.

She knows it will cost her a lot to get to this ideal future career. That is why she appreciates the Westland Foundation for the help with her tuition fees.

“​​The scholarship is very important to me. It does not only help me with my school fees. It also inspires me to do my best in school and build a strong foundation for my future career,” she says.

She thinks the scholarship is a much-needed boost to students and the whole community as they rise above the pandemic challenges.

She then says to the donors and volunteers, “You have such a generous heart. I wish more people would be aware of your scholarship and support it.”

Thank you to our donors for helping get students to their ideal future careers.

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