Education Fund

The Westland Foundation Education Fund (WFEF)

Through the efforts of many people, more than $2 million have been raised for the Westland Foundation Education Fund (WFEF).

All funds raised have been and will continue to be endowed with the Foundation’s four partners, Red River College Polytechnic, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Foundation.

Generally, the value of a scholarship has been based on each mark of 80% and higher that a student received in Grades 7 through 12 from inner-Winnipeg schools.

Currently, 80% and higher marks are credited toward a scholarship at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. For Red River College Polytechnic, 70% marks and higher are credited.

The ultimate goal at each of the three post-secondary institutions is to provide Westland Foundation Scholarships toward tuition fees that will carry a student throughout their undergraduate years.

All goals reached are based on the fundraising efforts of the Westland Foundation's board members and volunteers.

The WFEF is committed to creating post-secondary scholarships for inner-Winnipeg students. It plans on serving the community for the next 100 years and beyond.

General Criteria

The Westland Foundation Education Fund consists of two main elements:


Wherein marks of 80% or higher, and in some instances 70% or higher, earned by a student within our boundaries will result in a minimum of $50.00 (as of September 2018) being held in trust and credited towards tuition at a post-secondary school of their choosing when the student decides to go to a post-secondary school.

Should the student decide not to pursue post-secondary studies immediately following high school, the funds will continue to be held in trust for 30 months, after which the award would revert back to the Foundation in order to assist others.

Job finding support

We are working to establish a system whereby students participating in the program will be assisted in finding part-time or summer jobs which will not conflict with their studies.

On September 23, 1997 the Winnipeg School Division # 1 formally endorsed the Westland Foundation Education Fund (Achievement Plus Educational Fund) as a scholarship program for their school division.