Meet a Westland Scholar – Moses Laudato

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Moses Laudato

Moses Laudato is a graduate of Technical Vocational High School. As a business student, he feels lucky and happy to receive a scholarship for his first year of studies at RRC Polytech.

He shares that his major obstacle in school is his family’s financial struggles. Their financial situation has made him realize he must have a high-paying job to support his family and himself and live comfortably in the future. But to have a more profitable career, he knows he also needs to attain a higher level of education. As a result, he will strive to finish his education and work toward having a secure future.

The scholarship has played a critical role in overcoming his financial situation. He says, “Without your scholarship, I don’t know how I would be able to pursue further education.”

He also says, “It opened up more doors and opportunities for me. Your support has helped steer my future towards something better.”

He hopes the Foundation will receive the same kindness it has given him. In appreciation, he would donate back to the community when he is able. He believes it is the best way forward so that many students will continue to benefit from scholarships like that of the Westland Foundation.

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