Meet a Westland Scholar – Anna Maula

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Anna Maula

Anna Maula is a Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute graduate. She is delighted to have completed RRC Polytech‘s administrative assistant program with the help of the Westland Foundation scholarship.

To the donors, Anna says, “Thank you for your financial support. It helped us through our family’s financial challenges. It’s so relieving that we didn’t have to worry about the cost of my education.” 

She is also proud to have been recognized as a Westland Foundation scholar. “The recognition has inspired me to continue to work hard and strive for what I want. I’m motivated to continue with my studies to become a teacher in the future,” she says. She believes she will have a more stable future with higher education. Plus, gaining more knowledge and training will allow her to give more to the world.

For Anna, scholarships help students get to where they want one step at a time. She hopes the Foundation will stay there for students forever. She wants to help with that by supporting the Westland Foundation in the future.

Thank you to our donors for inspiring our students to further their education!

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