Meet a Westland Scholar – Gurekamjot Sekhon

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Gurekamjot Sekhon

Gurekamjot Sekhon is a Sisler High School graduate. Currently, she is studying at the University of Winnipeg to earn a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Her goal is to equip herself for a thriving career in medicine.

As a first-generation immigrant, Gurekamjot has to figure out her career goals ​on her own. She understands it will cost her family a lot, and it will be a long shot to get into the medical field.

But thanks to the Westland Foundation donors, she says, “The scholarship has helped me with my financial needs and encouraged me to stay on track with my goals.”

She shares that the last two school years online were tough. With the scholarship, she feels ​rewarded for the hard work and hours she dedicated to her studies.

As well, she thinks scholarship opens up many possibilities for students. It allows them to explore their passions, so she is thankful to the donors for their important support. She hopes to attain the financial stability to give back by helping other students one day.

Thank you to our donors for encouraging our students to stay on track with their career goals!

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