Meet a Westland Scholar – Darshan Singh

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Darshan Singh

Darshan Singh is a Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute graduate. He is taking up biology at the University of Manitoba. Then, he will take it further to medical school to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

Darshan is blown away by how doctors use their knowledge of the human body to lead their patients to healthy, joyful lives. He would like to be like them, providing life-changing support to those that need it. But he knows how tough the competition will be and the considerable amount of time and money he will need to succeed.

That is why he is so grateful to the Westland Foundation donors for their help. He says, “Because of your generosity, I can attend university and work toward my dream. The scholarship has enabled me not to worry about my finances and instead focus on my education.”

He is also proud of being part of our incredible inner-Winnipeg community. He would like to contribute by volunteering in after-school programs. It is his goal to create opportunities for children and youth to grow and learn and, above all, have fun!

Thank you to our donors for enabling our students to work toward their dreams!

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