Meet a Westland Scholar – Brayden Laurel

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Brayden Laurel

Brayden Laurel is a Sisler High School graduate. He is studying at the University of Winnipeg to become a high school teacher. Brayden plans to teach mathematics and chemistry subjects. His overall goal is to influence the youth to make the world a better place.

Brayden shares being a bit overwhelmed with school during this pandemic. But he says he is still doing well and is keeping up with his studies. Amidst these trying times, he says, “To be considered a scholar is an honour and a privilege.” He also appreciates the help with his school fees. He says, “The scholarship is a huge help to my studies and my family in general.”

Brayden commends the Westland Foundation for the work it does. He thinks the Foundation should continue helping students never to give up in the face of challenges.

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