Meet a Westland Scholar – Jerique Balagtas

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Jerique Balagtas

Jerique Balagtas is a graduate of Technical Vocational High School. He is proud to have been one of the Westland Foundation Education Fund (WFEF) scholars.

Jerique thanks the Westland Foundation donors for the scholarship he received for his first year at the University of Winnipeg. “The scholarship supports my long-term goal of helping the next generation,” he says.

Jerique attends the Faculty of Arts – Integrated Education program. He shares, “My dream is to be a teacher. I feel it is my calling to be an inspiration to the youth and add value to their lives.”

Jerique also shares his views on education. He says students need a strong foundation to attain higher education. He adds, “Students should learn early on the value of hard work and determination, which will carry them through the rest of their academic years.”

In the future, he says he will help students succeed by building up these essential qualities.

Thank you to our wonderful donors for supporting Jerique’s goal of helping the next generation!
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