Meet a Westland Scholar – Ava Jersak

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Ava Jersak

Ava Jersak is a graduate of Gordon Bell High School. She attends the University of Winnipeg to complete a science degree and eventually be in medical school.

Ava’s goal is to be a psychiatrist in the future. She believes her time at school will equip her to be of service to the needy. Her father inspires her to do what she can to help others every day. He has been treating patients in need as a home care nurse in the inner-Winnipeg for almost 30 years and continues to do so today.

She says, “Like my father, I will strive to provide services that will genuinely impact my patients’ lives. One of my dreams is to increase access to health care for inner-Winnipeg communities, particularly the vulnerable groups like at-risk families, women, and youth.”

Ava knows her anticipated years at school will require a significant commitment of time, energy, and finances. That is why she is both proud and grateful to be one of the Westland Foundation scholars. She takes the recognition as a reminder that someone believes in her potential and roots for her success.

She says to Westland Foundation donors, “Thank you for your kind gift. It is so much more than financial. It helps me to take the next steps towards serving the vulnerable and the needy. Your gift is an investment in the future of inner-Winnipeg students and allows us to thrive.”

Thank you to our donors for investing in our students’ futures!

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