Meet a Westland Scholar – Nickolas Truong

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Nickolas Truong

Nickolas Truong is a Sisler High School alumnus. He takes up construction management at Red River College.

Nickolas chose his degree program because of his deep interest in building things and entrepreneurship. He has developed this interest growing up in his family’s house renovations and real estate business. His ultimate dream is to manage his own construction company someday.

Nickolas feels financially burdened to move forward with this dream. But thanks to the Westland Foundation, he says, “The scholarship lightened my load and eased my stress.”

Nickolas appreciates the much-needed assistance and would not let it go to waste. He would like to give back by donating to the scholarship in the future. He also says, “To anyone thinking of supporting the Westland Foundation, it is a great way to give back. You can be assured your efforts are going to a great cause.”

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