Meet a Westland Scholar – Spencer Albietz

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Spencer Albietz

Spencer Albietz‘ knack for machine technologies brought him to Red River College’s manufacturing technician program. He says the program will lead him to a number of future work opportunities. His goal is to work in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) operation or programming. He looks forward to contributing to Manitoba’s agriculture and aerospace industries.

Spencer knows that before he can land his dream job, he needs support.  His family has been a tremendous help. Having a place to stay and someone preparing his meals means a lot for a full-time student going through the first year of his two-year program.

Spencer is also grateful to the Westland Foundation for the scholarship he received in 2017.

Spencer’s advice for high school students is to keep hitting the books in preparation for the future. He puts tremendous value on post-secondary education and encourages fellow students to reach for higher standards.

He believes having a positive attitude will bring him and his peers closer to their dream jobs.

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