Meet a Westland Scholar – Hannah Sanderson

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Hannah Sanderson

University of Winnipeg student Hannah Sanderson is a St. John’s High School graduate. Her dream is to be a nurse and provide care to those who need it.

Hannah recounts how her grandfather’s nurses provided him with exceptional care in the past. She saw how kind, compassionate, and patient they were with him, which influenced her to follow their career path.

But Hannah realizes this path is not an easy one to take. She finds herself always worrying about getting good grades or keeping up with her school fees.

That is why Hannah is thankful to the Westland Foundation donors for the scholarship. She says, “Your support helps to reduce my stress. But, more importantly, it is an investment in my future career in health care.”

Thank you to all our donors for investing in our students’ future careers!

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