Meet a Westland Scholar – Mary Duong

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Mary Duong

A Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute graduate, Mary Duong pursues nursing at the University of Manitoba.

Mary has been a student achiever since nursery. She thought she was ready for the new challenge university studies would bring her way. Mary tells of experiencing a burnout during her first year. The mental stress caused her to take a term break. She came back to school in winter of 2018 when she also received the Westland Foundation scholarship.

Mary says, “The scholarship was not just financial aid but was a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope. Receiving an award reminded me that I could once again accomplish great things.”

Because of the scholarship, Mary is excited to continue with her nursing degree.  She thanks the Westland Foundation donors for their generosity and for believing that she can reach for her goals.

As a future nurse, Mary aims to provide patients with the best care in the world. Further, she says that she would like to become a donor to the Westland Foundation to give students in need the same support that she received.

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