Meet a Westland Scholar – Raiden Leung

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Raiden Leung

Raiden Leung is with Red River College’s business information technology program. Raiden dreams of being a network administrator specializing in information security.

Raiden is grateful to Westland for the scholarship he received in 2018 and for allowing him to meet new people and develop his people skills. He says it is tough to find a network of peers.

As well, Raiden thanks Westland for inviting him to its events. He attended the Foundation’s volunteer appreciation reception in 2018 and recently, its scholars’ night. He says these events provided a venue to meet like-minded youth. He adds that these events allowed him to network with individuals he would have never tried to approach before.

As a result of these events, Raiden offers to volunteer with the Foundation through its scholars’ committee. Raiden says he wants to help in any way he can to give back to the Foundation.

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