Meet Westland’s First Interns

Meet Westland’s First Interns

Thank you to the University of Winnipeg – PACE for the partnership allowing us to be one of its internship sites starting in early 2019. As an internship site, we can host skilled and talented graduating PACE students. These students provide a full month of voluntary and unpaid professional service to the Foundation.

Thank you to our first interns for their valuable contributions to our various projects. We are delighted to present them to you and share with you their thoughts on their internship experience.

Name:              Yemi Igbinyemi

Course:             Project Management

Status:              Employed

Employer:         Scotiabank

Position:           Small Business Advisor


Yemi greatly helped in our 2019 Fundraising Breakfast. He says that it is fulfilling to be part of the team raising funds for inner-Winnipeg students wanting to pursue their post-secondary education.

He adds, "The internship helped me in the area of team building and in responding to different stakeholders' requests. As a project manager, these are critical skills needed to succeed."

Yemi is a huge advocate of giving back to the community. After his internship, Yemi went further to volunteering with Westland and bringing in friends to volunteer with him. He says, "The Foundation is doing a phenomenal job with students. I want to stay connected with the Foundation’s mission and support it whenever I can."

Name:              Mandeep Kaur

Program:         Strategic Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing

Status:             Seeking employment



Mandeep is thankful for the opportunity to assist with the implementation of the communications plan of Westland's 3rd Volunteer Appreciation Reception. She says the internship allowed her to experience expanding her classroom learning to real-work situations.

She adds, "The internship provided me with the Canadian work experience and the Winnipeg connection that I need as an international student wanting to reside in Canada permanently. The internship will definitely be advantageous in my job search."

Finally, a big thank you to Yemi and Mandeep! We had an excellent time working and learning with the both of you. We wish you all of the best in your careers!

Westland is open for internship placement all year-round.

For more information, please email Marilyn Camaclang at

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