Meet one of our over 240 scholars this year

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Meet one of our over 240 scholars this year

Rachille Abaga is honoured to be one of the over 240 Westland scholars this academic year, 2019-2020, and is grateful for the financial support.

Rachille heard about the Westland Foundation scholarship at the Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute’s 2019 career fair. She thought that the award would be a significant help with the expensive university education coming her way.

Fast forward to today, Rachille goes to both Red River College and the University of Winnipeg for their integrated education program. She thanks the Westland Foundation donors for the scholarships she has received toward this program.

With the scholarships, the path towards my dream career is way easier.”

Rachille’s dream career is to be a high school teacher. She gives credits to her teachers at Sargent Park School and Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute for being her role models.

Rachille volunteers her free time for tutoring students, whether it is at her church or Sargent Park School. Her ultimate goal is to teach at any inner-Winnipeg high schools. She wants to bond with students and give them the guidance that they need to succeed. In the future, she says she would develop new programs or create clubs that would meet the students’ interests.

The scholarship gave me a sense of security while I attend school.”

Before receiving the scholarship, Rachille was worried about paying her fees on time. She admitted the constant reminder to work and save up for the next school year was overwhelming. The awards have allowed Rachille to work fewer hours. She has become less overwhelmed with financial and work requirements and as a direct result, can focus more time and energy on her studies.

As an aspiring teacher, Rachille tells students to never give up on going to school. She says many opportunities and scholarships are out there for the taking, like the Westland Foundation scholarships. She adds that students should take a course they enjoy so they will end up having a great time at school that will eventually lead to a fulfilling career.

Rachille deeply appreciates the scholarships she has received. She thanks Westland donors for the vital support that is preparing her to be a positive influence for our future generation of students.

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