Meet a Westland Scholar – Prabhleen Maingi

Meet a Westland Scholar – Prabhleen Maingi

Prabhleen Maingi moved to Canada in 2015. She is a Sisler High School graduate and was a peer tutor in mathematics and a member of several student groups, including Free the Children, Young Minds, SHAC (Sisler High Against Cancer), Sisler’s Welcoming Group, and RunForIt. To this day, Prabhleen is one of the student leaders of RunForIt – a program that links running with mental health instruction.

Prabhleen received the Westland scholarship in 2017. She is grateful for the financial support and for the recognition she earned.

“As a Westland scholar, I will work hard in school and continue to be a productive member of my community. I aim to be a citizen who gives back to my family, my school, my community, and my new country,” says Prabhleen.

For Prabhleen, physical activity is crucial to one’s overall well being. As a very active and adventurous young person, she 

joined the challenging and rewarding Cadet Program during her first year in Canada. The program instilled in her teamwork, discipline, and leadership and taught her many new Canadian discoveries. In just a span of two years, Prabhleen quickly rose to the rank of Level 5 Cadet and is now an instructor to Level 1 to 2 Cadets.

Prabhleen works part time in a local dollar store while attending University. She volunteers with Winnipeg Harvest, helping to sort and stock goods and says it is very fulfilling to be there for those in need.

Looking back at her beautiful memories of India, Prabhleen recounts how she used to play the harmonium and participate in traditional activities and a national soccer competition. She thanks Canada for the many opportunities to continue to be who she is and much more.

Prabhleen values all of her educational opportunities and is confident they will make her successful wherever she goes.

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