Meet a Westland Scholar – Mharc Rexzus Cruz

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Meet a Westland Scholar – Mharc Rexzus Cruz

Mharc Rexzus Cruz is a St. John’s High School graduate. Mharc is working hard to get into the Asper School of Business. He wants to gain all the knowledge he needs for his dream career. His dream is to put up a business of his own in the field of accounting or finance.

Mharc is pleased to be a recipient of the Westland Foundation scholarship. He says the scholarship alleviates his family’s stress about all the finances he would require to thrive at the university.

“Your financial assistance reminds us we’re not alone in our financial challenges. All in all, your scholarship nurtures a better and healthier learning environment. It helps us to succeed despite all the hardships we’re facing right now,” Mharc says.

As well, Mharc appreciates the selflessness of the Westland Foundation donors for investing their time, energy, and money in someone they don’t know for the good of our broader community.

“I think it’s so fulfilling to help and be part of something good for our community. I wish to do the same by donating to charities like the Westland Foundation in the future,” he says.

Thank you to our donors for helping our students succeed in these tough times!

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