Grade 10 Student Won our 25th-Anniversary Logo Contest

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Grade 10 Student Won our 25th-Anniversary Logo Contest

Congratulations to Katia Hill for winning our 25th-anniversary logo contest!

Katia Hill is a Grade 10 Maples Met School student. She completed Grades 7 to 8 from Arthur E. Wright Community School.

Katia is very much interested in the performing arts and in working with kids. She currently interns with Irene Baron Eden Centre where she helps run activities for elders. For Katia, the placement helps identify her strengths and future career options.


Katia plans to go to the University of Winnipeg. Her greatest dream is to work with law enforcement or in social work. She is determined to do anything that would lead up to her future career, including following through with high school.

Her family and relatives joined Katia when she received the grand prize of an iPad and revealed her award-winning design during the Westland Scholars’ reception.

The 25th-anniversary logo, which is reminiscent of our 25 years of committed work for a better inner-Winnipeg, is now part of the Foundation's communications materials.

Thank you to Katia for her thoughtful design and thanks to all students and schools that participated in this contest.

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